Life Through The Gospel Part 1

We believe as a church, to have life in Jesus first and foremost means life through the Gospel. So what exactly does that mean? Here’s how we define life through the Gospel.

Jesus Changes Everything

Christmas brings to the forefront in each of us an unrest, a desire for more. But in reality, it’s more than just Christmas. There is a longing in each of us for something more in our lives. We can hope, look for, wait for many things, but only Jesus satisfied. Jesus is enough. Jesus changes everything.

Life In Jesus

All of us want to make the most out of life and there’s nothing wrong with that, but oftentimes we look in the wrong places. Whether it’s relationships, jobs, financial security, things to buy, or experiences, these things have a short and temporary shelf life and won’t actually satisfy.

You Are Sent

Like Jesus, every believer is sent – by the peace of God, for the purpose of God, with the power of God.

Hope In The Darkness

This was a guest message at Emmaus Church in Denver, CO titled “Hope In The Darkness.” From the series “Songs of the King” on 7/16/17. Main Passage – Psalm 130.

Introduction and Our Vision

We are excited to launch the Austin Life Church podcast. Here’s more about what this will look like, the type of content you can expect from us, and what we are all about.

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