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We are simply a people whose lives have been, and are being, changed by Jesus. It is by His grace that we have been given life…Abundant Life! Therefore, we are with joy forever and wholly His.

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Who Is Austin Life Church?

Why Do We Exist?

At Austin Life, we are simply a people whose lives have been, and are being, changed by Jesus. It is by His grace that we have been given life… ABUNDANT LIFE!!! Therefore, we are with joy forever and wholly His. 

As a church, we are fully committed to being a people and place where anyone and everyone can:

  • Genuinely encounter God and find life with Him
  • Find an open seat at the table of real community and love
  • Join in the movement of taking God’s love to every person and place in Austin and the world

Austin Life Church exists to build communities of people who LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS, & MAKE DISCIPLES.

Why Austin, TX?

City of Influence

  • The State Capital
  • A Major Hub for the Arts & Culture

Incredible Opportunity

  • Less than 10% Evangelical Christian in Austin
  • The Fastest Growing City in America in 2016

Major College Presence

  • Over 50k Students in the Downtown Hub
  • Ranked Among the Nation’s and World’s Best

How Will We Do This?



We will seek and encounter the life altering power and presence of God through PRAYER and His WORD.


We want to be a people who intentionally and in the normal rhythms of our lives BUILD new friendships and INVITE those friends into our lives and to know, trust, and follow Jesus.


We want to CONNECT every person into authentic community with Austin Life, where they can best GROW in their faith and obedience to Christ.


We want to join in the movement of God’s Kingdom by EQUIPPING the church and SENDING people out in all spheres to increase His praise among all people.


We want to make a tangible difference in the world around us by SERVING and CARING for the needs of our community, city, and world.

How Can You Partner With Us?

The church is a family, a team, one body with many members, all working together to build one another up and to accomplish the common mission of increasing God’s kingdom to all people and places. We were never created to go through life alone. We all need one another. This is absolutely true for church planting. From the beginning in Acts, and certainly still today, new churches do not start without the generosity and sacrifice of many. We whole heartedly believe that by the power of the Holy Spirit,  TOGETHER we can start Austin Life Church and create a place where many in Austin, and throughout the world, can encounter the presence of God and find life with Him!

Here is how you can partner with us at Austin Life Church.


Partner with us in prayer. Receive our email updates and stay up to date with how you can partner with Austin Life Church through prayer.


Austin Life Church does not happen without the generosity of many. You can give online, or contact us to give by mail.

Join Us

Perhaps God is calling you to relocate and join us in Austin. We would love to talk more with you about that possibility.


Many may not be able to come, but you know someone who is already in Austin; someone who is looking for a church, or who could help support us in some way. Would you connect us?

Cory Johnson

Cory Johnson

Lead Pastor

I am first and foremost, His. God has called me by name, He has rescued me and adopted me as His son. Not because of anything I have done, but simply by His grace. I just can’t get over that!! What amazing love!! After that, I am the husband of Stefani. She is without doubt my best friend and an absolute gift from God. I married way out of my league! I am also dad to Makayla, Molly, Maycee, and Myles. I love hardback books, coffee in a mug, and adventure! I like pretty much every sport there is, and want to give them all a try at some point.